Two accidents in less than two hours in Key’s Village

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By Ketricia Finch

St. Kitts Reporter

Two villages’ regular Thursday night activities were interrupted due to traffic accidents. One occurred on the main road at Key’s Village two minutes after 7 pm. An official of Cayon Police Station and an investigator of the accident told The Observer that motorcar P4621, owned and driven by Jackson Mulley was occupied by two persons at the time of the accident and PA84, owned by Nathaniel Elliott, was occupied by one.

The officer said although both vehicles were severely damaged, only the passenger of P4621 sustained minor injuries to her neck. He said she was treated and discharged at the hospital.

“Both vehicles were travelling in opposite directions, PA84 was travelling towards Cayon and the other was going towards Basseterre.”

Two cars collided on Cayon Street less than two hours after the accident in Keys.

Inspector Vinetta Wyatt of the Traffic Department said “PA2920 was one of the vehicles. It’s owned by TDC Rentals and driven by Vincent Gumbs of New Road. The other car, P7512, was driven by Joseph Huggins of Irish Town.”

She said P7512 was travelling west along Cayon Street and PA2920 was coming in the opposite direction.

“The driver of P7512 wanted to make a right turn to the road that leads to LaGuerite, but while doing so there was a collision.”

One person in PA2920 was slightly injured but there was no serious damage to any of the vehicles.

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