Two broken generators cause Nevis electrical outages

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NEVLEC repairing one generator, awaiting parts for second unitBy Monique Washington

Nevis Electric Co. Ltd. (NEVLEC) customers have taken to the radio, social media and to the streets to voice their dissatisfaction about recent power outages experienced on the island.Jervan Swanston, NEVLEC general manager, told the Observer technicians are working to fix the problem soon.

A technical problem with one of the Prospect Power Plant generators led Nevisian residents to face on-and-off power outage for nearly two weeks. On Monday,the first time in many years, Nevis residents experienced an island-wide blackout. Customers voiced fears about appliancesbeing damaged by the power surgescaused by the outage.

On Wednesday,Swanstontold the Observer unforeseen technical problems knocked out one of their generators on May 23.

“One of our main generators is currently receiving some maintenance; while that generator was down formaintenance, another generator had technical issues that required urgent maintenance,” Swanston explained.

Swanston said the part neededto repair the generator has been located and ordered and is expected to arrive in a couple of weeks. He said until the part arrives customers will experience load shedding. NEVLEC technicians have been able to keep the current steady for several days.He said some of the time when the electricity goes it could be due to other problems unrelated to the generator or caused by NEVLEC.

“Sometime there are vehicular accidents and our poles are damaged,” Swanston said. “Most recently a coconut tree fell on one of the lines which caused electricity to go out.”

“Our team is working hard to get the generators back up and running,” he said.

When questioned about how long it will take to resolve the issues, Swanston said he could not say, but assured customers the problem will be resolved in a “short time.”

Swanston urged all customers to protect their appliances until the generator is repaired.

“It is very important for all customers to protect their appliances to prevent electrical damage,” Swanston said. “Buying a surge protector and plugging your appliances in to it can help.”

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