Two Officers Promoted to Acting Sergeant, Five Others to Acting Corporal

Top — Acting Sergeants Alecia Maloney and Javern Weeks and Acting Corporal Otensia Boyles-Matthew. Bottom — Acting Corporals Clive Wilson, Abegale Percival-Allen, Damien Challenger and Randolph Diamond.
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Advancements were recently announced for several police officers, with two Corporals promoted to the rank of Acting Sergeant and five Constables promoted to Acting Corporal during a recently-held ceremony at Police Headquarters.

Commissioner of Police Hilroy Brandy handed the officers their letters which, he said, reflected their promotion took effect as of December 2019.

The Officers promoted to Acting Sergeant were Corporals Alecia Maloney and Javern Weeks. The five promoted to Acting Corporal were Constables Randolph Diamond, Abegale Percival-Allen, Damien Challenger, Clyve Wilson and Otensia Boyles-Matthew.

Commissioner Brandy was joined by Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACP), Andre Mitchell, Adolph Adams, McCarta Browne and Force Personnel Officer, Clifford Govia.

The Commissioner congratulated the officers on their promotion and encouraged them to continue working hard, striving for continuous improvement and aiming to perform at a rank higher than their present ranks.

ACP Mitchell also extended his sentiments to the officers.

“I want to congratulate you on your promotion and wish you the best and encourage you to commit yourself to making a difference in the organization. We are in a global pandemic situation and this kind of situation is unheard of in this century…this situation requires leadership,” he said.

ACP Browne told the officers their promotion was a sign of strength and perseverance, and implored them to keep a positive attitude during this time.

“I had the privilege to be a part of the interview panel and had the opportunity to scrutinize every one of you and from the bunch, we selected the most impressive…what I would like to see is the same impressiveness when you are delivering your duties…I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each and every one of you,” he said.

Mr. Govia sought to inspire the officers to practice compassion and empathy during these difficult times as they execute their duties on the front lines.

“The organization is looking to you for leadership and during this tumultuous time in particular, accountability and supervision becomes very critical if we want to ensure the safety of the men and women under your charge… we are in a period where compassion and empathy have to be the words at the top of your agenda,” he said.

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