Ukraine Corporation Said To Give Hunter Biden Plenty Cash and Fast Cars To Keep Gas Pressure Down.

Photo: Dail Mail. This Porsche car, or one similar, was allegedly gifted to Presidential son Hunter Biden by Ukrainian businessmen in exchange for no meaningful work.
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In testimony to the US Congress, Devon Archer, friend and business partner of Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has said that the family association with the then vice-president Biden had protected the Ukrainian Burisma gas company from ‘pressure’ and led to Hunter Biden receiving large sums of money, including a gift that enabled him to buy an $142,300 Porche automobile.

According to the full transcript of his testimony Archer said that then-Vice President Joe Biden’s ‘brand’ protected Ukranian oil company Burisma because ‘people would be intimidated to mess with them.’

He confirmed that Hunter put Joe on speakerphone at Burisma board meetings 20 times over a 10 year period, which was a ‘signal’ of ‘value,’ and Hunter used his dad as a ‘defensive leverage.’

Hunter’s presence on Burisma’s board and access to his father’s ‘brand’ led to the company’s ‘longevity’ because they had the ‘capabilities to navigate D.C.,’ Archer said according to the transcript.

Hunter’s best friend and business associate sat with him on Burisma’s board beginning in 2014. They also started Rosemont Seneca Partners, an investment advisory firm, together.

Archer confirmed to lawmakers that Joe sat and had dinner in-person on at least two occasions with Hunter and his foreign business partners, who then wired money almost immediately after to Biden-affiliated companies.

In the spring of 2014, Joe joined Hunter and a handful of his business partners for dinner at Cafe Milano in Washington, D.C., including Kenes Rakishev, Karim Massimov, Yelena Baturina and possibly Eric Schwerin.

Archer confirmed that Joe was present long enough to eat dinner with the group.

Following the dinner, $3.5 million was wired from Russian billionaire Yelena Baturina into Rosemont Seneca Thornton on February 14.

On April 22, $142,300 was wired into the Rosemont Seneca Bohai account from Kenes Rakishev, a businessman from Kazakhstan, who was also at the Cafe Milano dinner.

The payment was made as a gift to Hunter, who received an ‘expensive car.’

Archer told the committee ‘I believe it was a Fisker first and then a Porsche.’

Hunter took a picture himself while driving a Porsche at an incredible 172mph on a highway outside Las Vegas in 2018, according to pictures found on his abandoned laptop. It was not immediately clear if the Porsche gifted to Hunter by Rakishev was the same vehicle.

The then-vice president also sat in on another dinner with Hunter and his partners in 2015 at Cafe Milano, Archer confirmed.

He also said that Hunter Biden would refer to his father as ‘my guy,’ which Republicans noted following the closed-door testimony on Monday.

According to the transcript, Hunter as ‘getting paid a lot of money’ by Burisma and ‘wanted to show value’ by getting credit for Joe Biden’s Ukraine trip in 2014.

‘I can’t guide my father in what he’s going to do on this trip, but let’s get credit for it,’ Archer said Hunter was thinking by referring to his dad as ‘my guy.’

Exhibit 2 in the attachments also showed Hunter, on email as ‘Robert,’ writing to Archer in April 2014 saying ‘our guy needs to set himself up as the anti-Victor Pinchuk (coal and steel oligarch – pro Russian Yanukuvich supporter).

At the time, then-Vice President Joe Biden was leading the U.S. anti-corruption efforts abroad.

Questions had remained about why Archer decided to cooperate with the committee this week after he previously cancelled on the committee at least three times in recent weeks.

Archer, 48, was subpoenaed on June 12 by the House Oversight Committee, which is investigating Hunter’s businesses and whether he and other members of the Biden family improperly traded on their connections.

According to Archer’s opening statement in the transcript, he said ‘it’s been a long decade’ and his entire forties have been ‘mired in fighting the government.’

‘So I want to be cooperative now and maybe we can all be friends. So let’s take it from there,’ he told committee staff and lawmakers.

Archer is facing legal troubles of his own and is expected to go to prison shortly.

He was sentenced to one year and a day in prison in February 2022 for defrauding a Native American tribal entity and various investment advisory clients of tens of millions of dollars, in connection with the issuance of $60 million in bonds.

He is on the hook with his co-conspirators for $43.4 million in restitution over the fraud.

On the eve of his testimony, the Department of Justice sent a letter calling for Archer’s sentencing to be expedited.

Republicans claimed the move by DOJ was an attempt to ‘intimidate’ Archer, who they view as being central to providing information that is critical to their ongoing investigation into whether Joe Biden was involved in his son’s foreign business deals.

DOJ seemingly walked back their request in a fresh Sunday filing, telling District Judge Abrams that they do not wish to see Archer imprisoned before he testifies before Congress on Monday on the Biden’s business schemes.

‘To be clear, the Government does not request (and has never requested) that the defendant [Archer] surrender before his Congressional testimony,’ the letter read.

The White House has maintained the president was never ‘in business’ with his son, but the GOP have ramped up their investigation with testimonies from whistleblowers and a slew of other evidence.

After Archer’s closed-door testimony on Monday to the House Oversight Committee, Republicans said he revealed Joe was directly involved in Hunter’s shady dealings, while Democrats insisted the then-vice president’s involvement was innocent and did not focus on specific business deals.

On Wednesday, Archer told Tucker Carlson during his first interview since giving testimony, that the ‘Biden brand’ was ‘absolutely’ a key component of Hunter’s work on the Burisma board.

The full transcript can be found here, and documents discussed during the transcribed interview can be found here.

Sources: Daily Mail, CNN, Fox News, news agencies.

Source: Daily Mail, BBC, news agencies.


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