New York- August 9 (Prensa Latina- UN Assistant Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed, stressed the importance of providing multilingual education to indigenous communities so that they can preserve their native languages.

Many of these languages are in danger of disappearing and inclusive education has a fundamental role to play in preserving them, Mohammed said at a special event on the subject at the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

This International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is an opportunity to recognize the diversity and wealth of knowledge that these communities possess and to highlight their contributions to humanity, she said.

But today, she noted, nearly half of the world’s estimated 6,700 languages are in danger of disappearing, and most of them belong to indigenous peoples.

Mohammed also warned of the discrimination and lack of opportunities faced by indigenous communities, and recalled the 2030 Agenda promise not to leave anyone behind.

Therefore, she stressed, we must do more so that indigenous peoples can enjoy their rights and be part of policy making and implementation.