Underwater Hotel Proposed in SKN

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If a Park Hyatt and the first Ritz Carlton in the region aren’t enough for St.Kitts and Nevis, how about an underwater hotel as a tourist attraction?

That possibility came from Minister of Tourism the Hon. Lindsay Grant who indicated that there is a proposal for an underwater hotel for St. Kitts and Nevis.

Grant wouldn’t say who the mystery developer was except it was a Dubai based firm, describing the proposed development as a cutting-edge hotel that may see further details coming on stream later this year.

“We have been negotiating with what I would call a cutting-edge hotel which we expect to come during the currency of this year, early next year. The most I’ll say about it, the cutting edge nature of it, it will be an underwater hotel, the first kind in the world, St Kitts always coming first.”

Grant explained, “I want to say to you also that the developers are those who would have developed and had a significant interest in the Palm Island in Dubai and so very shortly we’re going to come to the country with more details on that development suffice to say that it will be the first of its kind not only in the Caribbean but in the world.”

The minister seemed to be overstating this a bit since there are a few other such hotels. Zanzibar, The Maldives, Sweden and Fiji have hotels that offer under water features such as restaurants and hotel rooms.

Yet, if the firm in talks with the Federation is the same one in back of a long planned Dubai underwater project, don’t hold your breath.

The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort was a proposed project in Dubai, set to be the first multi-room underwater hotel in the world. It was announced with much fanfare in 2003 and expected to open off the coast of Dubai in 2006. It has yet to open.

Then there’s the Poseidon Undersea Resorts. This was a proposed chain of underwater five-star resorts that was first slated to open by September 2008. The first was to be located on a private island in Fiji. The project was to be the world’s first permanent one-atmosphere seafloor structure.

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