Unity candidates deny dissention

Hon. Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis
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By Loshuan Dixon and Monique Washington

One week after the general election won in a landslide by the parties that make up Team Unity, a Cabinet is yet to be sworn in, leaving many to speculate the reason behind the delay.

Speculation about the delay varies from disagreements on the makeup of the Cabinet, to some members may be seeking opportunities.

The Observer has learned through sources that Mark Brantley was maneuvering, trying to become Prime Minister, and that he had met with Lindsay Grant and Jonel Powell of PAM, and had encouraged them to demand what they wanted from the Prime Minister, and try and form the government without Dr. Harris.

Leader of the Concerned Citizens’ Movement (CCM) Brantley, earlier this week posted on social media that all parties in the coalition will have a voice.

“For all those who are trying valiantly to destroy the cohesion of Unity, please tell them to go siddung. PAM got 4 seats. CCM got 3 and PLP got 2. And every voice must and shall be heard.”

The Observer contacted Brantley and questioned him if he was aiming to become Prime Minister. He stated emphatically, “That is not on the table at all. I don’t know why there is that chatter, because that is not even an issue. NO!”

Brantley said that the CCM will be a part of the Team Unity coalition government. “CCM will still be a part of the Unity government. That is the intention.”

Powell and Grant in a joint statement denied the rumours and indicated that they were loyal to Team Unity, and noted they were in support of Dr. Timothy Harris as Prime Minister.

“It has come to our attention that certain detractors who are upset about the big Team Unity win continue to spread baseless rumours about our loyalty or otherwise to the Team. We wish to make it perfectly clear that our campaign was run as part of Team Unity with a view to having the Hon. Dr.  Timothy Harris as our Prime Minister and our PAM Party Leader, the Hon. Shawn Richards, as our Deputy Prime Minister.”

They claim that the victory at the polls – obtaining 9 of the 11 seats in Parliament  – is what appears to have the Opposition wanting to destabilize their construct.

“Please do not allow them to do this. We wish to assure our supporters, and the country as a whole, that we fully support Team Unity and its leadership, and look forward to continued excellent relations that will assist us in building a stronger, safer St. Kitts and Nevis.”

They said they were ready to move forward and govern under the banner of Team Unity

“Mr. Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, let us now move forward, putting the detractors behind us, and continue to deliver the best for our country through our various portfolios.

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