Unity event will proceed says Harris Team Unity has come out swinging against Police Commissioner CG Walwyn over his refusal to permit the tripartite opposition party to block Fort Street for the opening of its campaign headquarters. Unity announced several days ago that it was having an opening ceremony for the office located upstairs the building located on the corner of Fort and Cayon Streets today at 5:30pm. The ceremony was to be followed by live entertainment from Nu Vybes. Unity claimed that it received verbal approval to block off the portion of Fort Street extending from Central Street, however Commissioner Walwyn has since denied permission in writing. In a statement issued earlier today Unity Leader Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris said the Commissioner’s decision was “unfortunate and unreasonable”. Walwyn was accused of political bias. “Team Unity considers the decision of Commissioner Walwyn in this situation to be flawed, unfair, and clearly demonstrative of a bias against Her Majesty’s Loyal…Moreover, Team Unity also finds it difficult to appreciate the Commissioner’s decision to grant permission for a single political representative to close a section of a major Basseterre artery for the opening of her constituency office, but then deny approval for the Nation’s tripartite political coalition to open a single campaign headquarters in a manner befitting the occasion,’the statement read. Three instances where major streets in downtown were blocked for SKN Labour Party, police and private events were cited. Dr. Harris posited that persons’ civic rights were being denied. “We are disappointed that people’s basic human rights have been denied. Actions such as this are not only disrespectful to the Opposition in Parliament and their supporters, but such behaviors are also indicative of political immaturity, insecurity by the Federation’s political leadership, and lack of independence within the hierarchy of the Nation’s Police Force – whom one would expect to act from a principled, professional, informed and impartial position when rendering permission requests such as those being requested by Team Unity.”The MP vowed that the Unity campaign headquarters opening ceremony will take place as scheduled but with some logistical changes. “Team Unity is a progressive, patriotic movement in the Federation whose heavy mandate of national reconstruction and development is far too important a mission than to be blind-sided by unfortunate, unprofessional, and biased treatment being meted out to the Unity movement at this time.”He explained to The Observer that they have permission to use loud speakers but the event will be held on the sidewalks of Fort Street. Harris does not expect a large turnout from foreign and other invited diplomats based on the change in circumstances. “They have been so advised of the situation in light of the fact that the road will not be closed to traffic,”he said. The ceremony itself has been altered due to the road block issue, Dr. Harris said, and several performances by local artistes have been cut from the program.