Upgrades Underway At Patience Playing Field

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The Parliamentary Representative for Micoud (north) has provided insight into transformative upgrades that are to be made to the Patience Community Playing Field.

The Micoud (north) constituency recently commenced a series of enhancements to its communal playing field, creating a vibrant space for sports, recreation, and artistic expression.

Parliamentary Representative for the constituency, Hon. Jeremiah Norbert, citing the installment of lights on the field, revealed that on Feb. 21, the lights would be officially turned on at a grand Soccerama.

“We recently completed the light installation and the idea is that we’re going to officially commission these lights on Feb. 21, during a grand Soccerama. This Patience community playing field is situated right behind the Patience Mon Repos Combined School. This is the field that the students of the school utilize and this year the idea is also that the Patience Mon Repos Combined School can have ‘sports under the lights’. There are advantages that come with such ventures. More parents can come and support the students. It is less of a burden in terms of logistics for the teachers, and you get more participation from outsiders. It really augers well for the community.”

Minister Norbert expressed hope that the refurbishment of the washroom facilities will be completed in June or July of this year. He added that all counts of safety, security and aesthetics had been taken into consideration for the locale’s refurbishment.

“Even before the lights were installed around this entire playing field, the walls there were very plain. We now have a mural and I want to thank the Ministry of Tourism for funding this initiative. We had several young people who were involved in painting these walls and we would like to continue painting even those closer to the field.”

The transformed playing field has already shown an increase in community engagement, the minister said. However, he acknowledged past challenges in maintenance due to incidents of vandalism.

The recent upgrades have already sparked a change in the way that the public use the facilities. The minister said he is hopeful that positive behaviors will persist, whilst negative ones decrease.

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