US: Baseball Season Opening Day Canceled Over Player-Owner Deal Deadlock

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The MLB season will no longer begin on March 31. After talks broke down yesterday between the owners and the MLB Players Association (MLBPA), league commissioner Rob Manfred announced that he has canceled Opening Day and the first 2 series of the 2022 season.

The league has been in a work stoppage, or lockout, since Dec 2, 2021—its first in nearly 30 years. There is a wide range of issues at play as both sides try to hammer out a new collective bargaining agreement. Among the top issues are the luxury tax (a tax that penalizes teams that overspend on payroll), as well as salaries and protections for minor league players.

The two sides made progress on some issues but reportedly remain far apart. The MLBPA went so far as to say it was “disgusted” by the cancellation of games.

An overall bleak sign for a league that is already suffering from rapidly declining popularity.






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