> Cases vs. variants: Daily cases of COVID-19 continued to fall on Monday as the U.S. reported 79,000 new infections, marking the second day in a row of sub-100,000 cases since early November, marking a positive trend in the U.S.’s battle with the virus. US death toll- 476,553.

Despite the downtick in cases, the progress could be turned on its head as variants of the virus spread across the U.S. and become more ingrained. While cases and hospitalizations are dropping, they are still at extremely high levels, and they could start rising again as a variant first identified in Great Britain spreads, as The Hill’s Peter Sullivan writes. According to a study, the U.K. variant is doubling every 10 days in the U.S. and could become the predominant strain by next month, putting the onus on the U.S. to ramp up vaccinations and mitigation techniques in the coming weeks. experts say.

Coronavirus Cases:





Highlighted in green
= all cases have recovered from the infection
Highlighted in grey
= all cases have had an outcome (there are no active cases)

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February 9 (GMT)


  • 1,776 new cases and 81 new deaths in Japan [source]
  • 255 new cases and 1 new death in India
  • 1,994 new cases and 8 new deaths in Iraq [source]
  • 197 new cases and 1 new death in Oman [source]
  • 7,640 new cases and 89 new deaths in Iran [source]