Vance Amory Retiring At 33, What Will His Legacy Be?

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In January 2017 the entire world witnessed the farewell speech of Barack Obama as he exited the white house with the highest rating of any retiring US President in modern History. Like Obama, wouldn’t it be fitting for Vance Winkworth Amory too will deliver his farewell speech too in January at 33, with the highest rating among any retiring politician in the Caribbean? Civil servants retire after 33 years of service so it will not be unusual for our great leader to do the same and retire at 33. To retire after 33 years of leading his great party and the people of Nevis.

January 2020 will be the 33rd Anniversary of the CCM party in existence. At this 33rd Anniversary celebration, this great man should welcome the honor to be able to say thanks to all and sundry for their sterling support to him and his party during this era. A lot of emotions will be shed by all as they witness his farewell speech delivered from the pulpit from a man who has all the qualities to be called Reverend. Like Jesus speaking to his people from the mount, he must first prepare them for his departure and not to leave them abruptly.  To do otherwise will not be the making of an outstanding statesman and leave all his supporters and well-wishers with a sense of betrayal and let down as they would have lost the opportunity to say honor and crown this great man, the Father of the Modern Nevis.

While the Hon. Vance Amory starts to pen his great farewell speech for delivery at 33, one would wonder, ‘What will his legacy be?”

To quote from his budget address in December 2016 delivered at the house of Assembly chambers in Nevis, under his leadership –

“We have expanded, and we are continually reshaping and growing our economy to ensure that we are on sound footing to enable us to withstand unforeseen external shocks, blacklisting and economic recession without causing unnecessary distress on the people of this country. We have made significant advances in education, in the development of an expanded health services sector, in activities for our youths, in the care for our elderly and senior citizens, in fostering the development of our tourism sector and in financial services. In the area of infrastructure we have invested substantially in our port facilities both air and sea ports to enhance trade. Significant investments have been made in our road network, in enhancing our water supply system and revolutionizing our housing program to improve the quality of life of our people. We have made substantial gains over this period. I therefore encourage all our citizens, residents and visitors alike to embrace the gains we have made, to seek to protect these gains at every turn and most importantly we must not squander the gains we have made during this period.”

Which of these will define his legacy of this great man of will projects yet to come. Will it be the cutting of the ribbon to open the new Athletic Stadium or the opening of the Windham Hotel  Again I ask, Vance Amory retiring at 33 in 2020, what will his legacy be.


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