Vehicles damaged, riders unhurt

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Sunday, June 17 saw a number of accidents occurring in the vicinity of Stanley’s Gas Station on the Island Main Road.

According to a Charlestown Police Station traffic report, Collin Archibald, a resident of Brown Hill lost control while driving a jeep with license number P7599 owned by Lucinda Tyrell of Brown Hill.

Archibald, who had three passengers in the jeep, lost control as he negotiated Nanton Corner. He hit the curb wall, then the jeep overturned several times. Nobody sustained any serious injuries.

Archibald fled from the accident scene and was later arrested for driving without insurance. He was charged for the said offence, then released on bail on Monday, June 18.  He faces two charges, driving carelessly and without a valid driver’s license.

On the same day, two vehicles with number plates P4339 and RA125 were damaged in an accident that occurred in Church Ground. P4339 is owned by Machen Dranauth Theogesingh of Government Road. He collided with jeep RA125 owned by Claude Nisbett of Newcastle.

The collision occurred at around 1.00 a.m. on Sunday when Motor Jeep RA125 was parked near Stanley’s Supermarket.

Theogesingh was driving from the direction of Morning Star. The accident left both vehicles damaged, but no one was injured. The driver of P4339 was taken into police custody and checked for traces of intoxicating substances. He was released the same day.

The police advise all motorists to drive carefully and make sure their vehicles are insured and licensed.

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