Venezuela Back Into Virus Fighting Quarantine

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Caracas, Jun 22 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela returns on Monday to radical quarantine, in accordance with the seven working day scheme and the same isolation period, implemented by the national government in search of a relative return to normal activities fighting Covid-19.

During this week, only the food, health, water, electricity, gas, medicine and telecommunications sectors will provide services, in compliance with the strict prevention regulations, such as the compulsory use of the facemask and social distancing in all areas.

However, facing the threat of a new outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus due to the influx of compatriots returning from other countries, the Bolivarian government will apply special lockdown measures and special containment barriers in 10 states.

Capital District (Caracas), Bolivar, Apure, Tachira, Zulia, La Guaira, Aragua, Miranda, Lara and Trujillo are the 10 states subject to make quarantine more radical since this Monday and for seven continuous days, a period during which the Caracas Metro, Los Teques Metro and the Valles del Tuy railway suspend all the services.

According to Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino, these barriers implemented by the National Bolivarian Armed Forces are intended to decrease the movement of people among affected municipalities and states.

So far, Venezuela reports 3,918 coronavirus patients, after detecting on Sunday 44 new cases of community transmission and 84 imported cases from Colombia, Brazil and Mexico.

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