Venezuela’s Maduro: Kids Can Watch School On TV Until 2021, Airports Closed Too.

Photo: Tadashi Okoshi/Flickr. Caracas International Airport in better times. The airport is now closed to all but emergency and humanitarian flights/.
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Caracas, Venezuela–September 13th, 2020–Nicolas Maduro’s government has canceled face-to-face classes until January 2021

“It’s not favorable for pandemic control,” the President said. In addition, he announced that one Chavista broadcast signal “will become a super educational channel.”

“Face-to-face return to school is not favorable for pandemic control, so there is no face-to-face return to school until January. We are going to keep the country’s educational services online,” dictator Nicolás Maduro said in a national broadcast.

In addition, he ordered the Minister of Education, Aristobulo Istúriz, to present a working formula for the 2020-2021 school year to start remotely: “We will see if we return in January. I asked Aristobulo to prepare a formula for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.”

In the same speech, the president announced that the Vive TV State signal will become an educational super-channel: “It has been four months since I gave the order. ViveTv is going to play a key role with classes.”

Opposition leader have protested the move, claiming that the TV station may be used to politically indoctrinate children.

Schooling is not the only problem facing the crisis-stricken south American nation.

In a statement released Saturday, the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics said that Venezuela “reports the extension of the restriction of air operations in the national territory for 30 days from September 12 to October 12”.

This decision, they say, has been made “in compliance with the guidelines of the Executive” of Nicolás Maduro and “in the future of continuing to guarantee the safety of the Venezuelan people”.

INAC reiterates that emergency operations, cargo and mail flights, technical landings, humanitarian flights, repatriations, as well as United Nations-approved flights and “cargo and commercial flyovers are exempt from these prohibitions.

However, Venezuelans caught overseas during the Covid-19 pandemic are continuing to report that they are stranded and unable to return home, according to the Argentine Infobae online news source.


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