Village Superstars Keep on Winning

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By Celeste Hull

The Observer

Judging from the Superstar’s performance last Sunday, one can assume that they fully intend to vigorously defend their championship with a warning to any team happening to stand in their way.

Their bashing win over Cayon 4 – nil began early with two consecutive goals just 60 seconds apart both by Alister “Poodle” Warner and one by penalty conversion.

Cayon player Kevin Benjamin, whose performance fans would be familiar with from Cayon’s game the previous Sunday, obtained the ball and began searching for strikers who would take it home but was cut short when in the 19th minute Cayon defender Curtis Archibald fouled terribly consequently obtaining a red card.

Village midfield enjoyed general possession of the ball for the remainder of the first period but no more goals were made, much to Cayon’s relief.

Initially, Cayon came out blazing in the second half, enjoying good possession and control but were unable to make this pay with a goal. Players Tyrone O’Loughlin and Deshawn Jarvis disappointingly let several opportunities for Cayon to redeem itself pass them by and Village was instead able to recover the game scoring two more consecutive goals in the 89th and 90th minutes.

Village players Irate Byron and Floyd Hodge were the ones chosen by fate and skill to execute the goals, delivering the final blow to Cayon.

Al “Coahibu” Edwards of Cayon blamed Village’s first goal on “defensive errors” and the second one on “poor marking” in the 12th and 13th minutes. He explained, “Although we regrouped in the second half and had stronger possession of the ball, our shooting was off by a long shot.”

At 2 p.m that same day St. Pauls triumphed in a comfortable victory made possible by scoring from Joeski Frances and Koyian Benjamin.

Koyian Benjamin made the first goal in the 13th minute and Joeski followed through in the 40th. St. Pauls rounded up the game finally in the 80th minute with another goal by Frances.

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