Car set on fire last night during protests in Martinique.

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The violent uprising in Martinique continued overnight with vandals entering a post office and looting most of the contents. This is the second post office to be looted in under a week

Authorities said the post office’s alarm system had malfunctioned and the break-in was discovered by an employee.

Most of the looted items are said to be Christmas presents.

The incident comes as Sébastien Lecornu, Minister of Overseas, is in the French West Indies to meet with local officials to quell the uprising against a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine mandate for health workers and fire officers as well as ongoing social issues.

Lecornu arrived in Martinique last evening after a trip to Guadeloupe and he will meet with elected officials today. The minister’s meeting in Guadeloupe was not successful since insisted that they condemn the violence before speaking with him.

The Prefect of Martinique and Lecornu are expected to give a statement after the meeting.

Many roads across the island are still blocked with debris even as police continue to strict crackdown.

More than 100 people have been arrested for their role in the violence.