VIP Connected donates to legless woman

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By Suelika N. Buchanan

VIP Connected a promotions company out of New York opened their hearts to a young woman’s misfortune and brought a little joy to her life.

President of the company Julie “Lexy” Brooks donated an undisclosed sum of money to Jeida “JJ” Mitchum of College Street Ghaut who lost her legs from the knee down. The incident occurred in a traffic accident on Saturday Aug. 6 in 2005.

Mitchum was braiding the hair of another young woman on the side of the road when a black mazda pick up stuck both.

Since the ordeal that has left the mother of five in a wheel chair Mitchum has been receiving monetary contribution and sponsorship from citizens in the community.

And Brooks along with Vip made a promise to the Natuonal Carnival Committee chairman that she would after the success of the VIP shows she would donate a small token to a misfortunate.

“We wanted to give back to the community and choose someone to honour,” Brooks said at a small handing over ceremony at Cable & Wireless’ bMobile office on Wednesday afternoon.

“We chose Miss Mitchum because we’re touched by her ordeal and wanted to show her that she is in our prayers and thoughts,” she said.

Also present at the ceremony was Rudolph Morton and Gus Williams who are jointly in charge of the Jeida Mitchum appeal fund, also Lavern Caines of Cable & Wireless as well as Mitchum. Morton and Williams both extended thanks on behalf of the appeal fund and would like to encourage more sponsors to come onboard and assist Mitchum.

Caines said that Cable & Wireless being telecommunication giants will look at other areas where they can assist Mitchum and hope that the Laptop will serve as a way for Mitchum to interact more with her children.

Mitchum who was touched by the kind gesture of VIP Connected said that she is very grateful for their support and donation and would like to thank everyone who has been there for her.

Along with the Dell Laptop and monetary gift, Mitchum also received a large poster of Elephant man, his CD and two tickets for his upcoming show on March 4 at Carnival Village. The show will be hosted by VIP Connected and will also feature Jamaican dancehall group Voicemail along with international dancer Ding Dong.

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