Virtual School Classes Delayed for Teacher Training

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By Monique Washington


The Ministry of Education’s plans for school students to begin virtual lessons online have been delayed because teachers are still being trained.

Schools in the Federation closed for Easter Break which began in late March . The Easter vacation was originally slated to end on April 20.  No date for the official opening of the physical school has been announced due to the State of Emergency.

Principal Education Officer Zahnela Claxton confirmed to the Observer during a virtual press conference that online classes will not begin on May 5.

“We are still working with the teachers making sure they are properly trained. We will release the exact start date when it becomes available.” Claxton said.

She noted currently teachers are going through the processes being trained for the Microsoft Teams. “We want to assure that as our teachers get a handle on the platform and then we will follow up with onboarding students.”

Claxton added that on April 28 the department launched the Early Learners Program Nevis Facebook group.

“This group is to provide support for parents who have students in Kindergarten to grade three,” she said.

She said the department has collected data from 333 members thus far. Claxton appealed to parents of children in these grades to join the Facebook group so they can get the relevant updates.

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