Director of Youth Development in the Nevis Island Administration Zahnela Claxton

BY Monique Washington

The education officials on Nevis have expressed concern that students are not showing much interest in extra classes given by teachers in assisting them for their upcoming CXC examinations.

The Principal Education Officer, Zanele Claxton said one of the concerns coming from the teachers is that prior to the closure of schools, teachers began teaching CXC lessons to assist the students. However, the students have not been showing up or logging in.

“We know we cannot come into households but we are asking parents who have students in those CXC classes to check with them and reach out to their teacher. We are going to do the same to make sure that they are submitting their work keeping up with the last lessons that needed to be done,” she said.

She noted for students doing CXC examinations, teachers continue to have sessions remotely during the vacation period.

She added, “Due to the fact that a large portion of the CXC results are hinged on the Student Based Assessment  (SBA) and  Internal Assessment,  the teachers have given the students an opportunity to improve on their grades  and some students are still yet to submit something that is concrete to make sure that they pass.”

Claxton pointed out that the teachers are giving their time to ensure that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, all students have an opportunity to do well on their exams.

She added that in addition to CXC students, all students within the Federation were given packets and would have had enough information to keep them engaged for up to two weeks or more.

“Together we will continue to cater to the holistic development of our students.  We cannot do it without you,” she told  parents.