Police Superintendent Cromwell Henry


By Loshaun Dixon

The police have confirmed five individuals have been arrested for breaking the 24-hour curfew which started Tuesday evening.

Superintendent of the Police Force Cromwell Henry in a COVID-19 daily brief noted, in spite of the arrests,  they were “mostly satisfied” with the support they are getting from the public in terms of observing the curfew.

He said there were some people who challenged the system, either to see what would happen or just did not care. “We have arrested five people. This is a small number compared to the population so I would say it is a testament to the tremendous corporation to the majority of people.”

The five he said included three Chinese nationals, one in Cayon and two in Basseterre. Of the five he said three have been released and will be prosecuted and two remain in custody.

He said there are many fake reports that have been circulated including one stating the police are about to round up all who entered the country in the last month. “I want to advise you to only take your information from official sources.

”Henry also announced they granted concessions to livestock farmers being allowed to attend to their farms from 7 am to 9 am daily and to people who are caregivers to the elderly.

He advised such people ro “Call the nearest police station to where you are and advise the police of your movement and arrange the timings.”

He reminded the curfew remains in place until 6 am April 3 and that all social activities are restricted during this period. “There shall be no parties, no going to the beach, no funerals, no weddings and no church unless it is virtual. No activity requiring people to congregate.”