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Story Courtesy of the SKNFA

(Basseterre, St. Kitts) – A number of distinguished visitors with ties to football took a recent opportunity to visit the federation’s soon-to-be-opened new football association’s headquarters.

The group visited the site on June 27. The dignitaries will not be on hand when the new facility opens.

On hand to give them a tour of the building was President of the St Kitts-Nevis Football Association, R. A. Peter Jenkins and Deputy General Secretary, James Buchanan.

The president informed the Dignitaries that the building was a gift from FIFA and formed part of the Goal Programme.

Commenting on the building and what it meant for Football in St Kitts, former National Team Striker of 1960’s Roy ‘Shine’ Maynard noted that the opening of the office will have tremendous impact on football in the Federation and reflected that there were no such opportunities in his day.

Trevor Payne, Former Blackburns Mid-Fielder and committed friend of the S.K.N.F.A., who is now living in New York, said that the opening of the office would have more impact on the administration of football than was initially envisaged.  The construction of the office will also put the Football Association on a path of sustainability.

He pledged his continued support for the activities of the S.K.N.F.A. and praised the quality of the building.

The Headquarters Building was also visited by Mrs. Claudette Warner, wife of the President of the Soccer Graduates of New York, Mr. Pelan Warner.

Mrs. Warner was excited about the quality of the building and congratulated President Jenkins and all those who had worked towards the successful completion of the Project.  She pledged the continued support of the Soccer Graduates, a group that continues to collaborate with the S.K.N.F.A.

The president said that he was glad the visitors were able to view the building in light of the fact that they would not be on island for the Grand Opening.

The president was particularly pleased because Trevor Payne, Roy ‘Shine’ Maynard and the Soccer Graduates of New York had contributed much to the development of football in St Kitts-Nevis and deserved the special privilege of viewing the building before the Official Opening.

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