Volcano Erupts Near Airport In Iceland.

Photo credit: Kristinn Magnusson/AFP. the erupting volcano in Iceland may disrupt air traffic.
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By Editor-July 11th, 2023.

A volcanic eruption has sent lava, smoke, and poisonous gases pouring out of the side of Mount Fagradalsfjall, near Iceland’s capital Reykjavik and only 20 miles away from the island nation’s main airport.

It comes after intense earthquake activity in the area. Local authorities said on Monday there was no imminent hazard to people in the region.

The volcano is located in the country’s southwest, on the Reykjanes Peninsula, which is known to be a seismic hotspot.

The eruption is particularly dangerous because it includes poisonous gases that present a lethal threat to life if inhaled but are invisible to the naked eye. Police have moved quickly to seal off access to the site of the eruption, as well as issuing health warnings to residents in the vicinity.

Domestic flights were delayed after the eruption created a plume of smoke over the road connecting the capital to the country’s largest airport.

In the past smoke and emissions from volcanoes in Iceland have disrupted air traffic all over Europe, depending on wind directions.


Sources: BBC.CNN, Twitter.
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