Persons living in the Maddens area are being advised to brace for unscheduled disruptions to the normal flow of water and traffic due to an ongoing water supply enhancement project. The project, funded by Caribbean Development Bank, is being carried out by the Public Works and Water Departments to enhance water distribution on Nevis. The installation of pipes extends from Maddens to Camps with 3,000ft already installed. Work in Maddens is expected to last for the remainder of October. NWD Manager Roger Hanley is asking the public to bear with the Department through the duration of the process. “We are here to make the general public aware of the risks that would be involved as we install our pipes along the Island Main Road. We also want to make the general public aware that during the installation process of this new 10 inch pipeline, there is a possibility that we would experience interruption of the water service. “So we want to ask the general public to bear with us as we engage in this installation process and we would endeavour to make sure that the supply is restored within a reasonable time,”Hanley said in press release. According to Junior Minister of Public Works Troy Liburd, after the pipes are installed in Maddens and Camps, work would move to Spring Hill then Fothergills where a 500,000g water tank would become operational. “[After Maddens] we intend to start in Spring Hill but Spring Hill will combine and connect to what we’re doing in Maddens and in Camps. The other area we plan to start working on is Fothergills. There is a new pump station and a new tank that were installed which would connect to a new 500, 000g tank that was built on Stony Hill. So we expect to start in that area perhaps in early November,”Hon. Liburd told The Observer. The water enhancement project will see work being done in several other areas in the upcoming months, according Hanley. “We also have a new distribution pipeline from Spring Hill down to Westbury and we will also be working in Fothergills Estate to Stony Hill, where we will be installing approximately 2,000 feet of 10 inch pump mains. Also we have some distribution upgrades in the Stoney Hill/Rawlins area and distribution upgrades in the Morning Star area,”he said. Minister Liburd informed that the pipe installation process has encountered some technical difficulties, mainly due to minor repairs to one of two butt fusion (welding) machines. “We’ve had one or two little challenges with some of the equipment. As you know, we aren’t using the PVC and slamming the pipe method; we are using butt fusion. We have one butt fusion machine working on the northern side, which is what we’re doing now, and at Spring Hill, we’ll have another machine with another team working from Fothergills up to Stony Hill,”he explained. In addition to water disruption, Manager at Public Works Department, Deora Pemberton informed that the digging up of roads to lay the pipes will hinder traffic in the affected areas. “Our role in this project is to basically facilitate the Water Department with civil works, ensuring that the work is done with minimal disruption to the road…We have had to cut some of the asphalt to facilitate the installation of this new pipe that’s being done. This was something that we felt was absolutely necessary because there are existing six inch and four inch mains in this area,”he said. Pemberton called for the public’s support and urged drivers to pay attention to the traffic signs and safety equipment such as cones, barriers, and lights. He said persons will also be equipped with ‘slow’ and ‘stop’ signs, and hand radios communicating with each other to ensure the smooth flow of traffic.