Weekes’ killers will soon know their fate

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By Anastasha Elliot

On Thursday Justice Ianthia Octave adjourned the sentencing of the five men convicted for the murder of 16-year-old Eric Weekes.

Weekes was murdered on Friday March 5, 2004 in the vicinity of Superfoods.

The judge voiced concerns with certain aspects of the social enquiry report completed on the men.

“There are certain matters that need to be dealt with before sentencing,” the judge said. Marieus Webbe, Kishmoy Challenger, Jermaine Freeman, Ashton Williams and Ashley Freeman were convicted for the murder of Weekes.

Justice Octave adjourned the sentencing hearing of the five men to May 30. They werre remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison in Basseterre, St. Kitts.

Vernon Viera, who represented Challenger, Williams and Ashley and Jermaine Freeman, has disclosed that he has already filed an appeal on behalf of his clients.

He however declined to reveal the basis of his appeal till a later date.

Barrister Hesketh Benjamin represented Webbe.

In other court matters 21-year-old McKinnon Claxton — who had pleaded guilty to building break-in and larceny — was sentenced to prison for breaching the terms of his bond.

Claxton had begged the court to show mercy.

Justice Octave had placed Claxton on a $2,000 bond, once he remained out of trouble for two years.

On April 21Claxton broke the terms of his bond when he was convicted for larceny.

He was brought back before the Nevis High Court on Thursday and sentenced to serve five years in prison. Before he was sentenced Claxton appealed to Justice Octave once more. He claimed that he was wrongfully accused and convicted of the crime.

“They claimed I robbed a guy who doesn’t know me and whom I do not know. They charged me and convicted me of a crime I did not commit and you gave me a chance,” Claxton said. “Miss Octave, five years would destroy my life Miss Octave. I wouldn’t just get up and do something like that. I did not intend to come before you again.”

Last week Thursday Elmo Grante was

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