Welcome security at Pinney’s Beach

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Again I’ve postponed another prepared article to salute the measures put in place at Pinney’s Beach by the Nevis Island Government or its agency, to add some form of security for individuals using that particular beach and surrounding areas.

Buoys are now installed and quite visible for all to see. One now hopes that swimmers and individuals just simply relaxing on the sand will now feel more safe and secured and the engines will remain at a distance.

The Pinney’s Beach area, mainly the part close to the Four Seasons Resort and Sunshine’s Bar and Grill, has over the past few months become very active indeed. The surroundings look gorgeous, the beach is wonderful, activities have expanded and new entrepreneurial skills and Chevy’s Beach Bar have emerged.

For months I’ve been concerned about the activities taking place in that area as there have been increasing numbers of motor propelled vehicles and devices that bring great fun and joy to those who use them. I’ve also been fascinated with the great variety of the jet skis, their speed, maneuvering capabilities and other thrilling aspects. They no doubt provide great fun and entertainment for beach goers and in particular the tourists who use them.

However, barring all the fun to the users and financial benefits to the owners and workers, the great risk of serious accidents prevailed and it seemed only a matter of time before something would happen that would interfere with the beach fun exercises and practices.

Having some idea of the safety requirements for such activities, it was of great concern to observe that there was no visible beach patrol on a regular basis and no guidelines as to the distance away from shore for where these machines should operate.

Alas! I was happily surprised on Sunday to see that a number of buoys have been installed.  Placed within acceptable distance from each other and quite visible, these markers now give boaters and pleasure seekers a fair indication where the restricted areas are for them to ski and pleasure ride.

My only hope now is that the individuals responsible for renting and using these devices will abide by the rules and regulations as it pertains especially to the distance they should operate away from shore.

The beach patrol and those responsible for the security and protection must also be vigilant and ensure the safety zones remain clear and a place where individuals in the water and those relaxing on the sand feel safe while enjoying themselves.

A hearty thank you to those responsible for taking such action.

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