We’ll Be Back: US Ambassador To Guyana Says Pompeo Visit Was Start Of A Meaningful Relationship.

Photo: Guyana Information Service. Ali and Pompeo met recently to discuss issues of mutual interest. This did not include an invasion of Venezuela, says President Ali.
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GEORGETOWN, Guyana–United States Ambassador to Guyana, Sarah-Ann Lynch has given assurances that the recent visit by US Secretary of State, His Excellency Michael Pompeo was “not just a one-time event” and that the US is committed to deepening its partnership with this nation.

“I foresee many additional engagements with Guyana by high-ranking US Government officials as well as a variety of private sector businesses,” the US Ambassador said, in a statement expressing her appreciation for the hospitality shown during the Secretary of State’s visit.

Ambassador Lynch said Americans want to partner with Guyana as the country has “demonstrated its commitment to democracy, the rule of law and strong government institutions.”

“They want to partner because Guyana also prioritizes the building of a safer, more prosperous hemisphere. The visit of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stands as proof of how deeply the United States values Guyana and its people – all of its people – and how we look forward to an even stronger partnership as the country moves forward,” the Ambassador said in the statement.

The Secretary of State is the highest-ranking official to ever visit Guyana. The official visit saw the launching of a Growth in the Americas Initiative, in which both countries will cooperate to strengthen trade and investment, on building infrastructure, and framework for Guyana’s energy and information technology backbone.

A second pact, the Shiprider Agreement, was also signed and will enable US and Guyanese law enforcement to embark on joint maritime patrols to stop the movement of illicit drugs. Secretary Pompeo also committed US$4.5 million in USAID assistance for youth and citizen engagement programs.

Ambassador Lynch pointed out that the United States takes its commitments seriously.

“As we enter a new chapter in our already unwavering relationship, I know that this partnership will continue to deepen and grow,” Ambassador Lynch said.

During an interview with the Miami Caribbean Times Newscast on Tuesday, the President said while visibility is sometimes underestimated, the exposure will give Guyana an advantage in reaching investors who may not otherwise have been considering investing in Guyana.

The President also refuted claims that Pompeo’s visit to Guyana may have had a hidden agenda involving Venezuela. He said that Guyana continues to support the Lima Group.

The Lima Group, a multilateral body established in 2017, represents 12 countries seeking to establish a peaceful exit to the ongoing crisis in Venezuela.

The President also said recently that the visit also sent a strong signal about Guyana’s commitment to democracy. “I conveyed my appreciation to the United States, and the Secretary reiterated his support and that of the United States for Guyana’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and is calling for a timely resolution to the controversy with Venezuela and respect for the 1899 Arbitral Award,” President Ali said.

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