What Happened?-Grieving Mother of Dead Nevis Constable Still Left in Dark

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By Monique Washington


It has the makings of a good mystery novel…A Nevis police officer dies from complications of a mysterious gunshot wound,initially thought to be self inflicted, his partner at the time, is now a wanted man in connection with that shooting and the dead officer’s mother has been left in dark and left without any compensation for this tragedy.

The mother of deceased police constable Brain Pacquette is calling on Police high ranks in the Federation to provide answers to what happened to her son and to the compensation for his death.

On June 23, 2016  Dominica national constable Pacquette along with constable Dijon Warner responded to reports of a burglary in the Greenlands  area. It is alleged that an altercation ensued with Pacquette and the suspect.

The initial report states Pacquette pulled his service pistol and accidentally shot himself in the right leg. He was warded at the JNF Hospital in St. Kitts where his condition got worse.

His leg had to be amputated and his internal organs began to fail. He was flown to Trinidad but succumbed to his injuries on July 18. Autopsy performed in Trinidad determined the cause of Pacquette’s death was gangrene.

In May , the police  began a man hunt for Warner. Warner is under investigation for the shooting death of Pacquette and the assault of another citizen.

The Observer spoke with Pacqette’s mother, Yvonne Harris Thursday  who said that all she wants is answers and she wants them before the two year anniversary of her son’s death.

She said that initially she was told that her son shot himself in his right leg. She said that she questioned their report as her son was right handed and it would have been difficult to make such a shot. The Observer was also informed that in addition to Pacquette gunshot wound, he had also received a stab wound to his back.

All I asking them, is what really happened to my son? Where are his belongings and where is the compensation for his 10 years of service,” she said.

Harris said that her son was buried with full with full honours in Dominica. She said that the Prime Minister Hon. Timothy Harris and Commissioner of Police Ian Queely  along with other members of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force were in attendance at the funeral.

She noted PM Harris held a meeting with the family but nothing much was said. She noted that after the funeral all communications from St. Kitts stopped.

No one contacted me. So I kept on calling after that. I have been calling for the longest while and they telling me  that they are investigating. I haven’t gotten anything positive from either the Commissioner or (Hillroy) Brandy. I called Brandy all the time because he said that he is the investigator and if  I don’t get him I call Queely.”

She said that since he son arrived in Trinidad the only possession of his she has ever received is a pair of pyjamas, a jean pant, a shirt, his passport and his phone.

I am yet to get a black cent. I received no personal possessions .I never knew anything about Social Security, insurance, bank accounts, benefits or anything. I asked him (Queely) about my son’s money but I have gotten no answer. I just want the honest truth,” she said.

When questioned if she ever visited St. Kitts while her son was alive she said no because she was too afraid.

I never came to St Kitts because I was afraid. I haven’t seen my child in years and when I saw him he was on a bed. If I had the money I would have come and settle everything and done with it,’ she said.

The Observer made three attempts to contact Commissioner Queely, at the Basseterre Police station, at the Charlestown Police Station and on his cell phone, all attempts were futile.

The Observer also spoke to Cassandra the sister of Pacquette. She said that after her brother died  it has been “ a lot of running around.”

She said that it was said that “after you realize the people you put your trust in weren’t actually going to help you out.”

She too said that since the funeral no one has called to check up on the family. And all calls are being made by the family.

The way he went away like that my mother got no closure and it seems like nobody cares. My mother is suffering. I’m just wondering, do they think about these things? My mother is not well, my mother keeps on stressing. If anything happens to mother because of the stress she has to go through because of what happened to my brother, I will be very upset and I might end up suing somebody,” she said.

Cassandra said “when I look back ,it all seems heartless.”


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