What constitutes normality?

According to Dr. Edward Glover of London, normal people are free of symptoms, unhampered by mental conflicts, secure a satisfactory work capacity, and possess the ability to love someone other than themselves.  The word “normal” is a relative term.  What may be accepted behaviour in our locality may be considered abnormal or socially offensive in another community.  Similarly, what may be normal custom in Africa would be regarded as abnormal in Paris.

The term therefore has an elastic meaning.  All of us are somewhat eccentric; we have our private quirks, pet superstitions, and fears.  In this respect we are somewhat all alike.

All human beings fit into one of six groups, in which category are you?

Actually one could classify the entire population of the world into these six groups as follows:

1. The normals

2. The neurotics

3. The psychotics (the insane – over 500,000 in the United States alone)

4. The psychopaths (criminals, hoboes, prostitutes, alcoholics, sex offenders, drug addicts, and so forth)

5. The mental defectives (the feeble mined)

6. The miscellaneous (unclassified – including jungle inhabitants, natives, existing in remote parts of the world, and that part of the Earth’s population living ‘en masse” in various countries who cannot fit into any classified group.

In an overall picture, the normal people of the world comprise merely one of the six groups.

What are the personality qualities of the normal person?

If asked to describe what makes a normal person normal, from the psychiatrist’s view it would be because that person is endowed with the following character traits – personality – assets that you can develop.

He is emotionally mature; one not fixated (overly attached) to his parents; he thinks and behaves as a grown-up person and has a definite aim in life.

He accepts the hard knocks of life philosophically.

He keeps himself too helpfully busy to be unhappy.

He is able to earn his own livelihood and works without too much complaining.

He possesses a joie de vivre, a joy of living; he is glad to be alive.

He is able to get along with almost everyone, has a flexible personality, and is humanly understanding.

He does not act impulsively, has learned to control his emotions, exercises wise judgment, and is able to make intelligent decisions.

He is not a cynic, nor does he harbour neurotic prejudices.

He tries to keep his nose out of other people’s affairs.

He is tactful and not argumentative, tolerant and unselfish, not oversensitive, and able to accept criticism.

He has a sense of humour and radiates self-confidence.

He is capable of giving love, or sharing love with someone else, has faith in mankind, and possesses a healthy attitude toward people and the world around him.

He acquires wisdom through the experiences of past mistakes.

He has achieved a desirable way of life – one that make living pleasant instead of painful he has acquired an ability to relax – and a capacity to enjoy life.

What are the traits of a normal husband?

The ideal husband is easily identified.  Although he wears no medals, he is a hero in his own home.  He is a hero in the sense that he is a very likable person, loved by his wife and children.  He has a balanced personality and is capable of getting along with almost everyone.  He says the right thing at the right time. He doesn’t bully his wife or make her feel he is dominating her; yet is dynamic and progressive, radiates a feeling of self assurance, and is positive in his actions and free of neurotic indecision.  He is demonstrative and generous with his love – making.  Friends admire him for his poise and boards mindedness.

There is no selfish motive in his plans.  He gives love rather than expects it.  He is kind, considerate, and romantic.  His is even tempered; he discusses rather than argues controversial issues.  He remembers to compliment his wife’s cooking and praises her in the presence of others; he  remembers birthdays and anniversaries.   He is careful never to belittle her or appear too critical. He is not too proud to help in the kitchen when circumstances require it.

He is sympathetic, yet firm to the extent of not pampering his wife.  He knows the value of taking his wife out dinner occasionally or surprising her with a bouquet of flowers.  He makes home life enjoy able and makes his wife feel she is wife feel she is the inspiration behind his success.

What are the traits of a normal wife?

A normal woman reminds herself that the average man needs to have his ego inflated.  A normal wife makes a man want to work, want to succeed and want to love.  She encourages and inspires her husband.

A wise wife will be her husband’s companion.  She shares his interests, working with him and not against him.  She realizes that his future is here future.  She grows with him and manifest an appreciation of the better things in life.  She tries to forget the past and concentrates on the present and future.

She realizes that excessive complaining is fatal to a happy marriage; that constant fussing, bickering, and nagging will only result in a chain of undesirable consequences, such as personality incompatibility, sexual disharmony, divorce and lonesomeness.  The normal wife cooperates rather than compete and offers helpful suggestions rather than criticism.  She knows how to advise her husband without making him feel that she wants to wear the pants.

She is sexually responsive, maintains a normal disposition, and does everything her power to make her marriage a great success. Warning!  Who God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.

Normal people from the Biblical view

Our first parents in the Garden were living as normal people under God’s divine rule, enjoying all the wonderful things in Eden.  They were even blessed with personal visits from the creator.

Adam and Eve, like we do, had free will, and made an unwise choice by disobeying God.  And as a result, we as fallen creatures are no longer totally free.  Pride, envy and greed have become a huge portion of our motivational system.  Our human nature is bent to sin.  If these things were not so, we could redeem ourselves by making a new choice; but as fallen beings, we have a propensity to make choices that lead to destruction and death.