Who Shot The Sheriff? Nobody, Apparently, As Bermuda Panics Over Shootout False Alarm.

File photo. Bermuda Police are on the alert in the era of Covid-19 and have been training with 'loud bangs.'
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HAMILTON, Bermuda–November 26th, 2020–When a series of loud bangs were heard in Devonshire, Bermuda, rumors quickly circulated that police were involved in a Western-style shootout, but Minister of National Security, Renee Ming quickly rode into town to squash the rumors and gave the police a flea in the ear along the way.

Minister Ming said, “It’s important to recognize that there’s heightened anxiety in our community for a number of reasons, most particularly being the fact that we are still navigating through a pandemic with additional local cases.

“This, coupled with recent activities of gun and knife violence – I can absolutely understand why the public concluded that last night’s Police training activity could have been associated with a response to anti-social behavior.”

Minster Ming concluded, “I take the public safety concerns of our community very seriously. And I can confirm that I’ve communicated with the Police leadership that when they intend to hold such training exercises that will have a community impact, they must provide clear and ample notification to the public.

“This Government is keen to support the Police in their efforts to plan and prepare, however, we also expect that they have a level of empathy for the public during these challenging times.”

Bermuda’s Royal Gazette newspaper also reported that a Bermuda Police Service spokeswoman said last night that a social media message being circulated suggested “there was a ’shoot-out’ in town”.

She added: “We would like to inform the public that there is no truth to this rumor.”

The spokeswoman said that between 8pm and 8.30pm BPS teams were involved in a training exercise in the Prospect HQ area. She added: “This exercise would have involved a number of loud bangs which may have been heard by people in the area.”

“We wish to apologize for any distress that this may have caused.”

• A BPS notice warned that the Police are conducting a live training exercise along with the Bermuda Coast Guard on the water throughout today.

On March 10th, 1973 the peaceful air of Devonshire Parish, Bermuda was shattered when Sir Richard Sharples and his aide-de-camp Captain Hugh Sayers, 26, were shot dead as they took a post prandial stroll in the grounds of Government House.

It was the night of the annual police ball and the governor’s residence in Hamilton – the island’s only town – was unguarded save for a lone guard.

The deaths of the two men came just six months to the day after the island’s British police chief, George Duckett, was also shot dead.

Older Bermudians will be relieved to know that this time is not deja-vu all over again.



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