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Mr. Mark Brantley, newly elected member from Nevis, was sworn in on Wednesday as the freshman of the National Assembly. For all Nevisians regardless of how they feel about Mr. Brantley this is a cause for congratulation.

No one can deny that Mr. Brantley ran a very intense campaign that caught the attention of the constituencies which returned him by a large majority.

That Mark Brantley is a very clever politician no one on either side of the Channel can gainsay. Last week he again pulled off a classic by organizing a very popular show, which attracted an audience of both NRP and CCM, along with those who belonged to neither party.

Having established himself as an astute politician, Mr. Brantley must now demonstrate how very resourceful he can be in bridging the St. Kitts-Nevis divide.

It is no secret that many political observers are gambling that the Labour party will perform only marginally at the next general elections and that our country is facing a repeat performance of 1993 when both parties went on bended knees to Nevis to ask for support to form a government.

Some people will remember that the Labour party’s proposal to solve their problem was to offer the prime ministership to Mr. Vance Amory who very wisely refused the offer.

If the expectation of some observers comes true, where will Mark Brantley stand? Will he grasp at the offer to be prime minister of the Federation?

Will the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis get a new sheriff? Time will tell.

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