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By Steve Thomas

Observer Nevis Editor

There are never enough resources to go around. There are always too many good causes, too many good reasons and too many good people to please to make all things better – which is exactly the dilemma that faces the authorities in Nevis on the issue of enforcing laws against animal cruelty.

The Nevis Humane Society has made progress in helping to treat animals which are poisoned or otherwise deliberately harmed by humans. At their recent meeting, society members called on the government to do more to stop illegal dog fighting and other blood sports that are not only unspeakably cruel to animals, but generate illicit gambling profits and debase those who participate.

I agree with their call for action. I also recognize that the authorities don’t have the resources to do much more than they are doing now unless there is a change in the public’s attitude.

The scourge of animal blood sports is not confined to Nevis. In recent months, Michael Vick, a superstar athlete in the U.S., lost a $22,000,000 team contract and went to jail for illegal dog fighting. Dogs are fought to death all over the world, a testimony to the fact that people can be bad everywhere.

But that doesn’t mean this has to continue on Nevis.

Dog fighting and other forms of animal cruelty will be brought under control when the majority of the people of Nevis openly decide that they have had enough of this barbarism. They will start calling the police when they learn of such acts and, eventually, the police will be so overwhelmed with these reports that evidence will accumulate and the guilty parties will face jail.

Furthermore, those who support blood sports will look into their own hearts and realize that these contests are contrary to Christian kindness. When they turn away, the sports will die a natural death.

I hope the Humane Society will continue to speak for creatures that cannot speak for themselves. Their work is necessary and good and with time, they will succeed.

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