Continued from last week

Determining “sexual compatibility” has become a catchphrase-actually a copout-used by many today as nothing more than an excuse to have pre-marital sex. The thought here is that couples “need” to find out if they match sexually just as with personality, perspective, interests, etc. before getting married. Some want to “test drive the car before buying it.” This unconscious way of thinking has taken root in the wake of so many millions of failed marriages that can be attributed to having had an unhealthy sex life.

With no exceptions, sex outside of marriage is driven entirely by lust. Will you heed God’s Word? Will you obey Him and keep your virginity until marriage, saving yourself as you would wish your future spouse to do for you? If you both do this, the rewards will be wonderful beyond belief.

Masculinity and its Role in Dating

Before discussing courtship, we must analyze the distinct differences between the sexes. The world today is largely unaware of them and, in a society driven by “equality,” most do not realize that there are God-designed-God-ordained-purposes for men and women.

If you are a man, are you truly masculine in the way you were designed to be-or are you guided by the thinking and stereotypes of a confused world?

Women, are you striving to be feminine in the way God intended-or do you accept the pressures and influences of society, allowing it to define your role for you-meaning you have allowed the loudest, brassiest, haughtiest women to become your standard?

True masculinity has been undermined at every turn for almost half a century. Nearly every movie and television “sitcom” degrades men into bumbling fools-Dagwoods stumbling after Blondies-and ineffective leaders who have to be “bailed out” of problems by shrewd, sometimes conniving, sharp-tongued, more competent women. The subtle message is that men are weak, barely functioning “neanderthals,” who only survive through the continual assistance of an intelligent, assertive woman. And “savvy” teens often “assist” the wife. Men are depicted as morally weak and lacking the character to make any decisions-let alone the right ones!

On the other hand, women are pictured as aggressive-and more masculine than their counterparts. They are pictured as always knowing what to do, and how to manipulate men into doing what they want, while making men think they did things on their own.

Strength and courage are rare in men today, with most having become weak and indecisive. The impact of what millions watch in almost daily entertainment has made ever larger numbers of men effeminate. Tragically, particularly since the 1960s, men have been all too willing to abdicate their leadership roles, leaving women to fill the void. God never intended such confusion. Reversed roles cause unhappiness, unnecessary tension and severe frustration in a relationship. Isaiah’s prophecy has been fulfilled: “As for My people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them” (3:12).

God created the man first and put him as the head-the leader-over the woman in the marriage relationship. But those even modestly fulfilling this God-ordained role have all but disappeared! No wonder the marriage “misery index” is higher than ever before.

Take note that man was created physically different from woman. He is generally taller, with a deeper voice, a coarser complexion and hairier skin. He has broader shoulders, larger, more-defined muscles and, overall, of sturdier build. Proverbs 20:29 describes how the “glory of young men is their strength.” More often than not, today’s men are fat, and not very strong. A man should always strive to be fit, healthy and strong. He was designed to be the provider for the family and to do hard, manual work when necessary.