By Anastasha Elliott

Local model, Michielina Mills has made it to the finals of the Emerge and Pulse Caribbean Model Search 2006, the largest, most successful and most far-reaching model event in the Caribbean.

It extends to the Caribbean Diaspora in the UK, North America and Canada, where contestants representing those countries, regularly participate in the finals.

Winnielle Guilbert, CEO of Winnielle Model Mana gement to which Mills is a signed model, congratulates the aspiring beauty on her achievement and wishes her all success.

Guilbert has said she is proud to work with Mills and has every faith that she can achieve ultimate success.

Emerge is a Caribbean model search based in Trinidad. Each year hundreds of models attend the annual screening events in their respective islands in the hope that they will win the chance to participate in the Emerge Fashion Village and Fashion Caribbean 2006.

&nbs p;   The models also hope to be the one lucky model chosen to go to Jamaica to participate in The Pulse Caribbean Model Search finals to launch their International career.

Mills hopes to be that model. She has said that she is proud to have made it to the finals of the Emerge and Pulse Caribbean Model Search 2006.

She is currently enrolled at the University of the West Indies where she is following another passion, art.

She has been modelling for two years, having completed Winnielle Model Management’s annual boot camp and has since signed with the agency.

In an interview, Mills said that her agent told her of the event in 2005 when she got to Trinidad. Since then she has been waiting for the event to come along.

She has said that her experience in the competition thus far has been a learning one. Thanks to the WMM model boot camp in 2005 I am equipped to deal with the task ahead of me, said Mills.

She added, I was the only one at the screening with a portfolio. I was on point, confident and just excited and humble. I was just so eager to learn from the other models and the trainers and stage managers.

Mills said that as part of the whole experience the models chosen are working on their general presence, stage presence and runway strut. Later in the month there will be promotional events for various company and organisations. One of the things she has found interesting is the mandatory gym sessions.

Mills finds making it to the finals to be apart of Caribbean Fashion 2006 one of the most fulfilling parts of her experience of the competition.

She said, it is satisfying to hear my name and number being called among hundreds of beautiful young men and women. Just being apart of the Fashion Caribbean is a great experience, not t o mention the exposure, contacts being made and information to gain, working with the best trainers stylist and interacting with others in the industry and making friends that’s a plus.

Very importantly however, most of the persons whom I am working with know very little if anything about St. Kitts and Nevis, thus, its great being an ambassador, for beautiful St. Kitts and WMM that’s the best, said Mills.

The final shows of the competition will be held at the end of July. On July 28 the first show feature designs by established designers throughout Trinidad. The final show slated for July 29 will showcase designers from across the Caribbean including Jamaica.


The organisers of the competition promises the models that they will be seen by all the major advertising agencies, be chosen to participate in scores of promotional activities including advertising campaigns, Carnival 2007 Band Launches and live promotions throughout the year.

Caribbean Model Search has been an annual event staged by internationally and well known Pulse Model Agency since 1982. The search went Caribbean-wide in 2002 when supermodels Jaunel McKenzie and Nell Robinson emerged as winners.

Since then the 11 time American Vogue model McKenzie has gone on to become the number 1 black supermodel in the world and Robinson became an ARENA covergirl as well as a GQ, Vogue and Gossard model.

Caribbean Model Search 2006 has welcomed Cable and Wirelessí BMobile brand as title sponsor.

Pulse models Jaunel McKenzie, Carla Campbell, Nadine Willis, Nell Robinson and Kimanee Wilson endorse the very publicised event, which would be broadcasted throughout the Caribbean. These women are regarded as being among the hottest new supermodels in the world.

Pulse models have burst onto the International scene within recent years and graced the covers of magazines such as Sports Illustrated and Vogue and worked with top designers Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta.

According to the the event will be a TV series in addition to a live event.

Between 10 and 20 finalists will be selected after various Searches in the participating islands and gradually over a 12 week period national winners will emerge in the various countries through a series of model challenge elimination.

The national finals would be fo llowed by the Caribbean finals slated for Jamaica and would feature the winners from across the Caribbean and consisting of a similar 6-week elimination process.

In conjunction with this TV event, several other contestants will participate in a live event running simultaneously with the television series.

Picture Caption: Winnielle Model Management model Michielina Mills has made the finals of the BMobile sponsored Emerge and Pulse Caribbean Model Search competition.