Women should be acknowledged every day for their contributions

    Premier Hon. Mark Brantley, Senior Minister of Gender Affairs in the Nevis Island Administration delivers remarks at the opening ceremony of a Women’s Self-Empowerment Workshop.
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    Participants in a Women’s Self-Empowerment Workshop held at the Red Cross Building, Charlestown, in celebration of International Women’s Day.

    CHARLESTOWN Nevis — Women should be acknowledged every day for the invaluable contribution they make to society, according to Premier Hon. Mark Brantley, Senior Minister of Gender Affairs in the Nevis Island Administration.

    Premier Brantley delivering welcome remarks at a Women’s Self-Empowerment Workshop held on International Women’s Day.

    “We are so happy to see so many women from different backgrounds, different disciplines, together on this occasion,” said Hon. Brantley. “Today is International Women’s Day, and certainly we should celebrate women every day.

    “I want you to know that we as a government are appreciative of the tremendous contribution that women make,” he said.

    Highlighting the IWD 2021 theme ‘Women in leadership’, Mr. Brantley said often times people only see leadership in the context of politics.

    “That is not so. Women lead in the homes, women lead in the churches, women lead in politics yes, but women lead in every facet of our society,” said Brantley. “I think that when we seek to restrict it only to politics, we do not appreciate the full extent of leadership by women in our community.

    “Many homes on Nevis which are single parent homes, are being led by women,” explained Brantley. “They too need to be recognized, that their contribution as leaders is also critical. Leadership comes in different ways and all forms of leadership are important if we are to build the type of society that we need.”

    Premier Brantley lauded women in the Federation for occupying leadership positions across every facet of society, including the civil service, government, institutions and organizations.

    “If you look across for example, our society, look across our civil service, women in various positions of leadership,” explained Brantley. “We have permanent secretaries, women in Cabinet, women in Parliament, and have women here who are doctors and lawyers. We have women now in what are called non-traditional areas such as construction.

    “Women are making their mark, as they should, and are contributing significantly to our society.

    He told the more than two dozen participants at the workshop that they are all leaders in their own right. He encouraged the women to continue to be empowered and strong, and to continue to make their valuable contributions.

    The workshop was organized by Ms. Latoya Jones, Special Advisor in the Office of the Premier and facilitated by Dr. Linda Carty, Sociologist.

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