Dear Editor:

Please allow my input on last week’s Letter To The Editor entitled “What are the police doing about street racers?”

I do share the sentiments of the Concerned Citizen and have found it necessary often times to ponder on the same subject and questions.

There seem to be an open disregard for traffic and vehicular usage on the island and even apart from the racing cars, passenger buses and other regular vehicles continuously travel at excessive speeds that threaten life, limbs and property.  I myself suffered major property damage when only a few weeks ago, one of these sport cars crashed into my neighbor’s wall, broke it down and slammed into the stone wall of my building.

However, you asked a very profound question, “Why are Nevisians not complaining to their Government officials about the constant racing”?

I hasten to enlighten you that just about a year ago the NRP candidate for St. Paul’s promised to build a drag race strip if he was elected as the representative in the said constituency.  That in my opinion is endorsement of the same racing cars and for their owners to do what they are wantonly doing today.

Needless to say, Robelto Hector won his seat and is now a minister in the Nevis Island Government.

A word to the wise is enough.

Clinton Swanston