UNESCO Consultant Nigel Encalada.

A week-long community-based inventorying workshop is being held this week at the National ICT Center at the Industrial Site, part of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) partnership with the Department of Culture in St. Kitts, as well as other stakeholders in the Federation, to create a community-based inventorying system to aid with cultural preservation.

During the opening ceremony of the workshop, UNESCO Consultant Nigel Encalada, explained how countries are required to provide an inventory that will identify the living heritage within a territory and “assess its viability, assess whether or not it is endangered, and then make decisions about how to assist the communities to ensure that the heritage does not disappear.”

“Many of the cultural practices of our parents and grandparents have been quickly disappearing,” he said, adding when language, which he says is the vehicle for culture, disappears, “many times what happens is the cultural practices and the tradition come at risk.”

The Federation is the first in the English-speaking Caribbean to have successfully applied for this programme according to Director of Culture, Troy Mills.

The workshop began on Monday and ends Friday.