Workshop focuses on raising rabbits to provide income, food security

    Hon. Alexis Jeffers, far right, and Chief Veterinarian Dr. Tracy Challenger, second from right, examine two rabbits during the Rabbit Rearing Project and Workshop held at the Department of Agriculture Conference Room on October 13.
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    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – Providing the Federation’s farmers with income and food security were discussed during an Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA)

    presentation by Minister responsible for Agriculture Hon. Alexis Jeffers Minister responsible for Agriculture Alexis Jeffers

    Rabbit Rearing Project and Workshop held at the Department of Agriculture Conference Room on October 13.

    “This activity is significant in that we are celebrating world food day 2020 which is on October 14,” said Hon. Jeffers during his presentation. “This workshop “is an important step and an important milestone in our effort as a Federation to provide this Federation with a level of food security and also to provide some level of income for you as potential farmers and those who would ensure that this particular venture is successful.

    “Preserving our access to food, our safe food and also nutritious food is also important to all of us as citizens,” the minister said. “It is also important for to all of us from the government’s standpoint in that coming out of COVID-19, this dreaded pandemic that we are facing at this time we have to be able to show something when it is all said and done as to whether we have learnt any lessons and what we have done with those lessons learnt.

    “We realised with the onset of COVID-19, we have seen a dramatic reduction in the access to food which has threatened our food security over the last six months.

    “This project is one such lesson that we can certainly learn from in terms of implementing it so that over the next six months and beyond at whatever stage we are at, I am hoping that we are at a point where we can say that on the thirteenth day of October we launched this project and we are able to reap some semblance of a harvest in a few months or in a few years.”

    IICA’s mission is to encourage, promote and support members in their efforts to achieve agricultural development and rural well-being through international technical cooperation of excellence. Its goal is to achieve a competitive, inclusive and sustainable agriculture sector that takes advantage of opportunities to contribute to economic growth and development as well as to foster greater rural well-being and sustainable management of its natural capital.

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