World Central Kitchen Demands Investigation Into Israeli Attack That Killed 7 Aid Workers.

Photo: World Central Kitchen website. Humanitarian workers at WCK put together millions of meals each week and are active in Gaza, Haiti, and Ukraine.
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After the devastating attack  on Monday by an Israeli drone, that destroyed a convoy of three vehicles and killed 7 humanitarian workers who had just delivered 100 tonnes of food to a warehouse in Gaza and were attempting to escape from Gaza, World Central Kitchen, the charitable organization behind the food donations has issued the following appeal:

“On April 1, 2024, the Israeli Defense Forces killed seven humanitarian aid workers employed by World Central Kitchen (WCK), an internationally recognized humanitarian organization.”

“The aid workers killed were nationals of Australia, Canada/US (dual citizen), Gaza, Poland, and the United Kingdom. Israel has admitted to the killings but called it a “a tragic event in which our forces unintentionally harmed non-combatants,” and something that “happens in war.””

“This was a military attack that involved multiple strikes and targeted three WCK vehicles. All three vehicles were carrying civilians; they were marked as WCK vehicles; and their movements were in full compliance with Israeli authorities, who were aware of their itinerary, route, and humanitarian mission.”

“We have asked the governments of Australia, Canada, the United States of America, Poland, and the United Kingdom to join us in demanding an independent, third-party investigation into these attacks, including whether they were carried out intentionally or otherwise violated international law.”

“Yesterday, to ensure the integrity of the investigation, we asked the Israeli government to immediately preserve all documents, communications, video and/or audio recordings, and any other materials potentially relevant to the April 1 strikes.”

“An independent investigation is the only way to determine the truth of what happened, ensure transparency and accountability for those responsible, and prevent future attacks on humanitarian aid workers.”

The Israel Defence force has apologized for the attack, but at the same time it was claimed by The Guardian newspaper that the Israel Defence Force uses artificial intelligence and a database called Lavender to indentifiy the likely presence of Hamas gunmen and that  the IDF applied pre-authorised allowances for the estimated number of civilians who could be killed before a strike was authorised.

“Two sources said that during the early weeks of the war they were permitted to kill 15 or 20 civilians during airstrikes on low-ranking militants. Attacks on such targets were typically carried out using unguided munitions known as “dumb bombs”, the sources said, destroying entire homes and killing all their occupants” daid The Guardian.

The Israel Defence Force has issued a vigorous rebuttal, saying that Hamas operatives are known to hide among civilians, but that they always exercise human (not AI) discretion in evaluating the amount of “collateral damage” that might be involved in targetting a Hamas operative, and that all their actions are covered by (their interpretations of) international law.

President Biden is reported to be ‘furious’ about the killing of the aid workers, but the US continues to send thousands of bombs to Israel.


Sources: WCK, The Guardian.
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