World’s Top Golfer Has Driving Problems, Destroys Policeman’s Trousers.

Photo courtesy of PGA Tour
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Scottie Scheffler had to warm up on the second day at the US PGA Championship–one of the most important tournaments of the year– by “stretching in a jail cell” after being arrested on Friday morning for a trafffic offense in which a pair of policeman’s trousers were ‘ruined beyond repair’.

The incident occurred just before dawn and in apparently dangerous rainy conditions close to where a pedestrian had earlier been killed while crossing a main road outside the golf course and causing traffic chaos as emergency crews attended the situation.

Several police cars were on the scene with emergency lights flashing from their roofs, which bystanders says was confusing for motorists.

Because of the incident, the start of the second day of the tournament was delayed for a couple of hours, and Scheffler still had time to arrive for his start time, which had originally been 8:35 am, and was able to play.

The world’s number one golfer was charged with second-degree assault of a police officer, third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving and disregarding traffic signals from an officer following an incident outside Valhalla Golf Club.

The case will probably be settled out of court and it is unlikely that the case will go to trial, because the main damage done to a pair of policeman’s trousers was less than $100.

In later interviews Scheffler said he had been directed one way by a police officer and then a different way by another officer, which was confusing. However, when he was shouted at, he stopped about 20 yards further on.

“My main focus after getting arrested was wondering if I could be able to come back out here and play, and fortunately I was able to do that,” he said.

“I was never angry, just in shock and I was shaking the whole time. It was definitely a new feeling for me.

“The officer that took me to the jail was very kind. He was great. We had a nice chat in the car, that kind of helped calm me down.”

After his release, Scheffler arrived at Valhalla Golf Club 54 minutes before his tee-time and went on to post a five-under 66 to improve his overall score to nine under.

He said his “heart goes out to the family” of a man struck and killed by a shuttle bus near the club on Friday morning. That incident led to the traffic jam that Scheffler was trying to avoid in an effort to get to the golf club for his morning tee-time.

Sources: BBC,, news agencies.
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