You can do better than that

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Dear Editor,

I enjoy reading and studying a lot of Caribbean Print.  However, sometimes it can be an awful distraction to read some of the articles printed in The Observer.  I strongly believe the people of Nevis and St.Kitts are well educated and capable of putting out a  top notch weekly newspaper.  At times, I seriously wonder if the editor of the paper is aware of who is writing what and what is going into the upcoming edition.

Here’s the difficult part, the paper is now viewed online and while I enjoy reading about home it can leave a bad taste in my mouth for poor grammar, misspelled words, etc..etc.  There’s a great likelihood that I’m not the only one reading online so, this is my main reason for writing to the editor.

Whether we like it or not, whether we are aware or not, The Observer represents the quality of media that is presented to other parts of the world. To be fair to the writers not all have the same problems. I have read just about every article in the online editions and it clearly shows who has a strong grip on the mechanics and structure of the English language.

My hope is that someone somewhere can honestly and genuinely help those who struggle with writing their pieces.  I also hope that, not everyone is looking out for himself or herself. That putting the paper together is a collaborative effort to all who work for the paper.  It’s like one of those things: when one succeeds, they all succeed and when one fails, they all fail.

I understand at times there will be typos, errors you name it, but the frequency in The Observer is really terrible especially, on the front page…no other nice to say it! I was guessing that maybe the writers who struggle some what (a few worse than others) were interns or I don’t know, their supervisors didn’t care.  The burden really falls on the editor because that’s his/her job to edit what comes across his/her desk.

One of the best ways to develop reading skills is to read a newspaper.  It helps build a person’s vocabulary and help his/her writing skills.  The Observer is a vital tool to its readers so, PLEASE help your readers understand what they’re reading and most importantly enjoy what they’re reading!



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