Youth Minister of Tourism Named – Winner decided in Nevis Congress competition

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Eulone’ Pemberton of the Gingerland Secondary School has been named the new Youth minister of Tourism.

Pemberton gathered a total of 539 points. Second place was Gabrielle Brantley of the Charlestown Secondary School who received 522 while Devaughn Roland of the Nevis International  Secondary School placed third with 502 points.

On Thursday (May 19) the three high schools on the island met at the Nevis Performing Arts Theater for the annual Youth Congress competition. The Gingerland Secondary School was represented by Eulone’ Pemberton and Delcia Burke; Charlestown Secondary was represented by Gabrielle Brantley and Ercha Stapleton; and Nevis International  Secondary School was represented by  Devaughn Roland and ShamonaWodoe. All participants are 14 to 16 years old.

The topics used for the competition are the same topics that will be used in the regional Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO)competition. This year, the students had three topics from which they could have selected from in the ‘prepared question’ section. The topics include the customer’s perception of the brand; fostering entrepreneurship; and creating flow experience.

In the first round the students had three minutes to present their prepared topic; the second round was a mystery topic. Last year’s Youth Minister of Tourisms TaranaRacker chaired the discussion. Students were judged on logic development; audibility and clarity; command of language; and posture and personality.The discussion mimics a CTO Board of Directors meeting and should not be looked at as a debate, officials say.

Dorson Ottley, event coordinator and senior Tourism Education Officer, told the Observerthe winner would be named youth tourism minister and will be asked to participate in tourism activities on the island. The winner will represent Nevis in CTO’s regional competition held in Barbados in September.The winner of the regional competition will be named Caribbean Junior Minister of Tourism. Nevis has participated in the regional competition since 2007. The Caribbean Junior Minister of Tourism winner may be asked to attend regional tourism events.

Ottley said Nevis has done well in regional competitions.

“We won two consecutive years in 2013 and 2014,” Ottley said. Neila Jones won in 2013 in Martinique and Rol-j Williams won in 2014 in St Thomas.”

Since the competition began nine years ago, Ottley said participation from the schools has been steady.

The major sponsor for the event is the Bank of Nevis Ltd.

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