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Story Courtesy of the Nevis Cycle and Triathlon Club

(Oualie Beach, Nevis) – On Saturday April 12, the Nevis Cycle and Triathlon Club hosted another Nevis Junior Triathlon. The event was to be a landmark for the Junior club as for the first time we would be adhering to distances set out by both the ITU (International Trithalon Union ) and the CTU ( Caribbean Triathlon Union).

The course was set to accommodate three age groups:

7- 8 year-olds would swim 50m out into the bay at Oualie Beach, into transition from which they headed out over hurricane hill, for those of you who bike, you will know hurricane hill is tough even for the adults, these children attacked the hill with vigour, turning on the long road to complete their 1.5km bike ride. After racking bike in transition headed out on a 250m run for a beach finish. Isabella took the 1st place for this event in her very first triathlon.

9-10 year-olds was our largest group. They completed a 100m swim which was a tight race with all athletes in a solid pack. After transition they headed out on the bike leg which would take them on a 3km loop turning outside Shirleys. Devon Jeffers dominated the run but it was Andrea Brear who really shone throughout the bike. Siobhan Petre-Mears gave Andrea chase throughout the run landing her in second place.

11-12 year old event really sorted the boys from the girls! Starting with a 300m swim, The swim was taken by the ladies, Myra Jeffers, Jessica Amory and Anouska Anslyn, bounced out of the water streets ahead of the boys, Heading out onto the bike Alex Petre-Mears gave a strong chase, but Jessica Amory who had forged ahead of Myra on the bike maintained her lead. The run was a spectacular event as Alex Petre-Mears really showed his strongest dicipline, taking the lead from Jessica to cross the line. Gender does not matter to these old rivals who always fight for the finish.

A big thank you to all who made this event possible and also a big thank you to our junior triathletes who gave a splendid performance.

The full results are as follows:

7-8 Female Isabella Hoag

1st Place

Time 14 min 08 seconds


Male 1st Place Devon Jeffers

Time 20.01


1st Andrea Brear    time 22.26

2nd Siobhan Petre-Mears    time 23.58

3rd Chantal Rigby time 30.23



1st Alex Petre-Mears time 30.02

2nd Prince Walters 41.56


1st Jessica Amory time 30.49

2nd Anouska Anslyn 33.24

3rd Myra Jeffers 38.24

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