Police have announced a zero-tolerance for violence as well as added security measures during Nevis’ upcoming Culturama festivities. Minister of Culture, Hon. Mark Brantley and Head of Nevis’ Division Police Force Assistant Commissioner of Police Robert Liburd have promised the general public a ‘safe Culturama”. The 39th edition of the Culturama Festival will take place July 25 –August 6. Speaking at a recent press conference Hon. Brantley informed that for Culturama 39 the NIA will be taking certain steps to protect the populace, which include a new feature- the installation of surveillance cameras at festival venues. “The presence of surveillance cameras will act as a deterrent to crime because people don’t go and commit crime if they feel their images might be captured. Also we are investing in additional lighting around the venues which we expect will also be a deterrent. The police also indicated that they’re also going to have the use of scanner equipment so that the people can feel comfortable coming out to the events,”he said. He underscored the seriousness with which the police and NIA were approaching the issue of safety for the festival. “Understand we are making every effort, the police and the Administration working together, to ensure a safe environment for people to enjoy themselves. They can enjoy the activities free of fear because the police effort is being stepped up to a considerable degree,’the Minister said. Hon. Brantley also reminded the general public that the Nevis Island Administration has introduced a policy which allows homeowners to bring in surveillance and other home security equipment free of any duties. ACP Liburd spoke on the importance of persons protecting their property during the Culturama season. He encouraged vendors and business owners to deposit large sums money at the bank and not to leave it at their homes. “It is important that the members of the public secure their property before leaving [to attend events]. We do not expect persons to walk with large sums of money,”he said. He pointed out that during the season licensed firearms owners are asked to leave their weapons at the police station or not to take them to the Culturama events. “This is a safety measure we have put in place for the venues; it is for your safety and for the safety of the general public entering venue,”he said. ACP Liburd sent out a stern warning to persons who are “bent on creating mayhem”. He pointed out that additional police officers will be sent over from St. Kitts to provide added security. Persons committing crimes will be arrested and transferred to Her Majesty’s Prison hours after committing the offense, he warned.