Valedictorian tells classmates, ‘Struggle for family, country and passion to succeed’

Ms. Ercha Stapleton, valedictorian of the Nevis Sixth Form College Class of 2020, delivers the Valedictorian Address at the Graduation Ceremony at the Nevis Cultural Village on December 8. (Photos by Lester Blackett)
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Some of the 53 graduands of the Nevis Sixth Form Graduating Class of 2020 at the Graduation Ceremony.

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis — Miss Ercha Stapleton, valedictorian for the Nevis Sixth Form College urged her fellow 52 graduands of the Graduating Class of 2020 to struggle for their family, country and their passion and they will succeed.

Ms. Stapleton delivered her Valedictory Address at the Nevis Sixth Form College 2020 Graduation Ceremony at the Nevis Cultural Village on December 8. The theme was, “Overcoming and Progressing.”

“By no means should we allow Sixth Form to be the last of our achievements,” said Ms. Stapleton. “It is our responsibility to continue to aim higher, to make breakthroughs and to progress, and let this year remind us ‘If there is no struggle, there is no progress,’ Frederick Douglass.

“So class, struggle! Struggle for your family, your country and ultimately for your passion because that’s when the best work would get done,” she said.

Another section of the 53 graduands of the Nevis Sixth Form Graduating Class of 2020 at the Graduation Ceremony.

Ms. Stapleton told her fellow graduands that years after graduating from the Nevis Sixth Form College, they could reflect on their progress and even greater achievements.

“Ten years from now look for our passionate and skilled doctors in the likes of Harrissa and Davina,” said Ms. Stapleton. “You ever wonder how to start a business? Entrepreneurial minds like Tinesha and Malik would tell you how they became successful. Detail oriented, argumentative, lawyer-minded people like Dahlia, Celestial and J’ Carlesia would keep you from signing a bad contract or get you out of one.

“Want to watch some sweet cricket, go watch Jelani play in a T20 tournament for the West Indies team; and if you want a charter flight to Dubai to spend your hard-earned money, give your boy Kylon a call,” said Ms. Stapleton. “This by no means captures the depth of the potential that our class possesses. Each of us has the ability to keep progressing until we ultimately achieve our goals. 2020 is not only the start of a decade but also the active start of our journeys towards these goals.”

Reflecting on the two years at the Nevis Sixth Form, Ms. Stapleton said the time went by quickly, but they will always remember that chapter of their lives.

“It has helped shape and mould us into the persons we are today,” she concluded. It was there we learnt many lessons, including discipline, hard work, dedication, how to procrastinate the right way and many other lessons that we will take with us through the rest of our lives.”

Ms. Stapleton thanked God for allowing them to reach that milestone, and expressed gratitude to their teachers, who despite the COVID-19 pandemic in their second year ensured they were prepared to face their exams, and because of their hard work and perseverance, the Class of 2020 had reached a milestone.

Ms. Stapleton also thanked parents, guardians and family for their support and help to them throughout their tenure at the college.

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