Virgin Atlantic Inaugurates Long-Haul Flights From Edinburgh to Barbados

Photo: Flickr. Barbados is hoping to cash in on the trend towards digital nomadism, so its regulations take that into account.
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By Pranjal Pande

Virgin Atlantic has inaugurated its first long-haul route from Edinburgh. The airline launched its new service from the Scottish capital to Barbados, its third route to the Caribbean nation. It’s the first connection to Barbados from the Scottish capital.

Virgin Atlantic Inaugurates Long-Haul Flights From Edinburgh
Virgin Atlantic is using one of its Airbus A330-300s for the 9+ hour route over the Atlantic. Photo: Getty Images

Hello sunshine!

December 5th marked the first flight of Virgin Atlantic’s new route from Edinburgh Airport (EDI) to Bridgetown, Barbados (BGI). The route was first announced in August this year, with the carrier hoping to corner the market for long-haul services to leisure destinations and boost cargo capacity out of Scotland.

VS223 took off from EDI at 11:17 AM local time for the scheduled nine hours and a 10-minute transatlantic flight. The A330-300 operating took a straightforward route, flying southwest over Ireland before entering the Atlantic for much of its journey. The next time the flight was overland, it was on approach to BGI, where it touched down at 16:00 local time, 15 minutes ahead of schedule

Barbados is the first of two destinations Virgin has planned from Edinburgh in the next year. Map and Data:

This service will operate twice a week, scheduled for:

  • VS223: Departs EDI at 11:05 AM and lands in BGI at 16:15 local times on Wednesdays and Sundays (the schedule varies slightly through Dec-Jan)
  • VS224: Departs BGI at 19:10 and arrived in EDI at 07:30 AM (+1 day) on Saturdays and Tuesdays (no changes to schedule)

Virgin’s trusted Airbus A330-300s will serve both flights. These planes come equipped with 31 seats in Upper Class, 46 seats in premium economy, and 185 seats in standard economy, for a total of 264 passengers.


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