Goat breeding programme successful in producing ‘superior goat flock’

    Director of the Department of Agriculture, Melvin James.
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    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — The Department of Agriculture and Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine entered into an agreement in April 2018, to introduce a Goat Breeding Programme with the objective to improve the Federation’s local goat flock.

    Director of Agriculture, Melvin James, said the Department of Agriculture is proud to announce successes in the Goat Breeding Programme.

    “I am happy to report that we have brought in three males and so far, we are able to get 103 young kids from the breeding programme,” said James. “As we speak about transforming agriculture, one of the things we have to do is to be able to get the animals to have a greater weight gain in a shorter period of time. We introduced a more superior blood, a more superior male that grows faster and puts on weight faster.”

    The name of this special type of goat breed is called the Boer which is a goat specialized for meat as it is well-known for putting on weight in a shorter period of time.

    “The Federation has 103 improved animals available to it now,” said James. “We will continue to breed, and have 34 males. Those can be used as stud males, some 68 females are available for sale, and folks can have them and improve their stock.”

    The Goat Breeding Programme initially began in 2018 at Bayford’s but experienced setbacks from animal sickness, water shortages, and lack of transportation.

    The animals were moved to a private farm in Parson’s Village, where the breeding resumed in March.

    The overall budget for the Goat Feeding Programme is an estimated EC $18, 663.91.

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