Virginia’s Montero Medical Mission Visited St. Lucia

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The Montero Medical Mission from the State of Virginia visited the island from September 16 to 20, with the goal of providing yeoman services to members of the public in need of dental services.

While in Saint Lucia, the Medical Mission undertook a virtual dental tour of all 77 primary schools, during which members of the mission engaged the students during school hours via the zoom platform, with illustrations on proper tooth brushing and general oral hygiene.

The mission also visited the Dennery Hospital and the Micoud Wellness Centre to perform dental procedures on both children and adults.

Dr. JB Martin, Pediatric Dentist with the mission said: “We are offering services for children who need it—cleanings, extractions and fillings. Many of the children who signed up for treatment have decay and there was even a child who I had to refer to the hospital for a large abscess.  This is why we are here: to try to help.”

Dr. Martin appealed to parents to reduce the amount of sugar that children consume.  “Limiting the intake of sugar and proper oral hygiene will help eliminate a lot of the problems that we have seen.”

Dr. Charles Johnson said his was a rewarding trip to Saint Lucia.  “I have been all over the world but this one is special for me because the people are very appreciative and they are saying they want us to help them. The community and the Rotary and Lions groups have made it easy for us to work here. Hopefully, we can return.”

The Virginia-based Montero Medical Mission was headed by its founding member and President, Dr. Juan Montero.

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